Together we can beat Covid19

❤️❤️ our wee #mawselfie from today comes with a wee footnote folks ❤️ for those of you that are not aware,, Mark and I not only work together but we also live in the same house ❤️ we know only too well what social distancing means and what NOT respecting the safe distance could mean to others,,as our lovely Clare from the Office falls into the « at risk category « 😔😔 while at work we keep a good safe distance from anyone that we may come into contact with, both our clients and ourselves respect each other’s areas ❤️ Folks we each have a social and morale responsibility to each other’s well being,, together we will beat this ❤️❤️ and we hope that our wee #mawselfies give you a wee smile ❤️❤️

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